Following Doctor’s Orders

If you are looking to improve your overall health, it could be time to stop ignoring your doctor’s advice. We turn to our family physicians for chronic and acute problems. Unfortunately, many people turn a deaf ear on what their doctor advises them to do. For example, if a physician told a patient that losing weight would improve the health overall, the patient more often than not, is offended. They perceive the advice they were originally searching for as a negative comment. They will then return home fuming about what they possibly misinterpreted and proceed to tell everyone they know that they are deeply offended and will find another physician who is more understanding.

Take for example that belief that many people have about flu vaccinations. They family doctor tells them that they will not catch the flu simply by taking this vaccination. Unfortunately, there are many people who simply do not want to believe this. These are the same people who end up back at the doctor’s office with the flu, which could have been prevented if they had listened to their doctor’s advice and had the flu shot. It seems that regardless of how much medical expertise our physician has under their belts, there is always a part of our mind that questions their judgment.

The sad truth is that perception can completely change what was said. If this same patient was to truly look inside themselves and examine their values, and try to figure out why they perceived what they were told as negative, they would be able to realize that it is common knowledge that if we are carrying extra weight, it is unhealthy. Their doctor was simply telling them that if they want to be healthier in general, losing weight is a good place to start. That is not to say that only people who are overweight are unhealthy, but the risk of developing other serious diseases increases when we are too heavy.

Interestingly, the parents of young patients are more to follow the medical instructions they were given, but that does not mean they do it all the time or even correctly. Again it comes down to perception of what was said to us. If we think that it was said in a demeaning manner, we are less likely to follow the advice. This can then changes the path we choose to take in the future in regards to our health.…